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Saturday, January 31, 2015

I've always thought that people will be happy when they have it all. Somehow, when you have reached a certain point of your life, it becomes just a life filled with responsibilities and commitments. Not saying that I am unhappy but I have this nagging feeling that bothers me every now and then.

Love or life. Why do people constantly expect more?

I have grown but a part of me still lives in the past. I sometimes think about the things and people I have loved and have felt upset about. It's true when they say that life is about taking chances, once you've missed the boat, you might regret it.

So. Should I just be contented with what I have?

I am often pressured by relatives and the people around me on things like my career and my love life. I am on my way to building my own fashion business but it seems to not be enough. When it comes to marriage, I am not ready just yet. Truth to be told, I am afraid of a lot of things. Can he be "the one"? Will my heart stay? Or will the people around us accept me or him?

Hopefully I'll know someday..

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's been a good fives months since I last penned down a post. A lot have happened. I did not actually plan on writing here anymore but the sister have requested that I blog again. This is for old time sake and for the people who actually cares about what is going on in my life!

I have done a lot within the past five months.

-Been working (Time passed by pretty fast. I have been working for 8 months right now. Feels like I have matured and learnt more on how to deal and handle things)
- Traveled to Langkawi- Me and my love went over to Langkawi for a 3 days 2 nights getaway. This was perfect for both of us to put work and everything else behind. ( Ladies should always remember to put on sunblock on the face! I forgotten to put on and I had one of the worst acne attack of my life. They were all flaring and swollen when and I came back from Langkawi. The past few months have been torturous for me as my confidence level plunged to the lowest point. They have miraculously improved over the past few week and I am now 80% into recovery. Have been going for facial treatments.)

Sheraton Langkawi. One of the best hotels there!

- Celebrated our first year anniversary in July. Funny how time goes by so quickly. To many more years ahead! :) <3
- Health haven't been great lately. My stomach is constantly bugging me with all sorts of ailments. Hopefully everything will get better.

More to come!
Going to Singapore and Hong Kong soon during the August break. yay!!
I'll just let the pictures elaborate more on what I have done! :)

 Eggs Benedict from Plan B

 Home :)
 Mum's Birthday

 Dinner at Yaoki, JB

 Childhood Fav 
 Harrods with the family

 Sonia's 24th Birthday 

 Mr Ps Birthday at Neroteca and Changkat

Weekend Getaway at Maya Hotel. haha Kind of lazy to rotate 
 Maya Hotel's Junior Suite. I love their rooms and services!

 Lunch at Yuzu KLCC

 The Cream Fudge Factory. Very good ice cream. Similar to Cold Rock but Cold Rocks is still the best!

 Hydrotherapy Pool. 

 Train Concert. Blur pictures boo

 Home Made Nasi Lemak by me
 Home made tea eggs
 Colleagues birthday
 TGIF with love during our anniversary. We wanted something simple and us :)

 Village Park Nasi Lemak. Messy looking but very very nice!
 Anu's birthday at Very very good porky stuff!

 Macaroni and cheese in verious shapes wuuu :D
 Mum's wedding bag and I'm still using it
 Lunch with mum and sis at Lavendar

 Cheesy Cheese doughnuts
 My flowery and messy room back in JB
 Cheesy cheese Nuggets
 Malaysian version of VIVI
 Company's Lunch
 Dinner with love at My Elephant. Very good Thai food!


 Cute Bee and polka dots baloons in the office! :)
 The Last Polka Horlick ice cream

 Lunch with colleagues
 Awesome Mutton fried rice at Chancery Lane
Tea and lunch with selina at Cameron Valley, Bangsar. Really good food and tea selections. Their products are all from Cameron Highlands.

 Cakes at Hummingbird, Bangsar
 The Famous Rainbow Cake

 Durian Cake. One of the best!
 Dinner at Uncle Jang, Solaris. Very good Authentic Korean Bbq

 Arsenal vs Harimau Malaya at Bukit Jalil

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